Monsal Trail Viaduct 2

Monsal Trail Viaduct 2

The Stunning Monsal Trail Viaduct in Autumn also known as 

The Headstone Viaduct was built by the Midland Railway over the River Wye. The bridge, which stands near the 533-yard (487 m) Headstone Tunnel, is 300 feet (91 m) long. It had five 50-foot (15 m) span arches, some 70 feet (21 m) high at the centre.

Initially, some slippage occurred, and remedial work was carried out in 1907-08.

Whilst considered elegant today, with Grade II listed status being assigned to it in 1970, when it was built in 1863 it was seen as destroying the beauty of the dale. John Ruskin, considered to be Britain's leading cultural critic, harshly criticised the building of the railway:


There was a rocky valley between Buxton and Bakewell, once upon a time, divine as the Vale of Tempe... You Enterprised a Railroad through the valley – you blasted its rocks away, heaped thousands of tons of shale into its lovely stream. The valley is gone, and the Gods with it; and now, every fool in Buxton can be in Bakewell in half an hour, and every fool in Bakewell at Buxton; which you think a lucrative process of exchange – you Fools everywhere.


             Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain

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